Move In Check List

The following items will give you a better understanding of what’s involved when renting a home.

Viewing the Home: Please be prompt, or alert us to any delays! Properties are shown upon request. Please call 248-243-6648 to set up a showing. The showing agent will call to confirm the appointment 45-30 minutes prior. Please let the agent know if you will be arriving on time, so they can plan accordingly. Agents typically only wait for 10-15 minutes past the scheduled time. If you’re running late, just give us a call so we can plan ahead.

Income: We require a minimum income of 3 times the rental rate of the home you are applying for. We must be able to verify all income. Please remember to include ALL sources of income, including, but not limited to; child support, alimony, disability income, assistance income, workers compensation, investment income, etc. Please be sure to include proof of income with your application (example: 2 most recent pay stubs). If you receive cash payments (waiters, hair dressers, etc) we will require the name and number of your manager. And may even wish to visit your work place to verify employment.

Credit: We encourage receiving a free copy of your credit report. By law you are entitled to this report! Credit is only 1 small part of what we look at. Income, past payment history, job history, etc all play an equal, if not larger part in what makes a quality tenant.

Visit www.annualcreditreport.com or a similar site to obtain your free credit report. If you have this report, we will not have to use a pay service for obtaining your credit, saving you money.

Pets: Each owner has their own rules regarding pets. The majority of our owners do allow small dogs, cats etc. All pets MUST be declared at the time of application. ALL Owners require that those with pets, acquire renters insurance, and name both the management company, as well as the owner, as an additional insured on the policy.

Prior Rental History: By far, the best indicator of a potential tenant! We will be contacting your previous land lord, or rental company. We will also conduct a search of the court systems, to find any late notices, court actions, or evictions taken against a person. Be upfront about any troubles we may uncover in the past!

Number of Residents: Generally, a 3 bed house is intended for 4-5 people. It is required on your application to declare the number of people living within the residence. Be honest in your application, as we may have to take action later if additional people are found to be living in the property.

Application Timeframe: It takes 24-48 hours to receive all the documentation back from the courts, credit bureau, etc. The more you can provide to us upfront, the faster we are able to process the entire package.

Acceptance: In order for us to consider a house rented, and no longer show the property, we require the following:

  • Complete application and credit report. Once approved, move to step 2
  • Applicant has furnished proof of income and a copy of their state identification.
  • Applicant has paid a holding deposit, and signed our “move in checklist form”