We offer a promise, no one else is willing to make.

If we place a tenant in a property we manage, we guarantee them for 90 days! What happens if they require eviction within 90 days? We’ll not only pay for the costs to evict the tenant. We’ll also repair the property, and insert a replacement tenant at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Ask about our specials for apartment management, or owners with more than 10 properties.

What’s Included in your monthly fee?

  • Owner Portals
    • View Monthly Accounting Statements
    • View bills and invoices
    • View repair requests, as well as status updates
    • Make electronic owner contributions
    • Receive direct deposits from your rental proceeds (available to most major banks)
  • 24 Repair Hotline
    • Electronic Work Orders, so your always up to date on any issues
  • Advertise your property
    • We are featured on more than 45 websites, print, craigslist, Multiple Listing Service as well as yard signs.
    • Section 8. We have special relationships with caseworkers from every major housing authority.
    • Video walk through. We create a video log of every property! It allows us to both market your property more effectively, and also provides a video diary of the condition of your property
  • Rent Collections
    • Tenants can pay in person, by mail, or we’ll even go pick it up at no charge to our owners!
    • 7 day notices prepared at no charge to owners
    • We have the most aggressive collection system in the area. On time payments are very important to us
  • Back Ground Checks
  • Online Rental Applications
  • Legal Services
    • We’re fortunate to have our own lawyer on staff! Unlike other companies, we do not subcontract our evictions. We also appear personally in every case we must bring. No other manager in the area can say that. Court is a powerful collections tool. How can a manager collect back rent, if they are not at the proceeding in person to discuss the situation directly with their tenant.
  • Full Realtor Services
    • We purchase properties on a weekly basis for our clients. We can assist in new property purchases or the liquidation of assets when the time arises.
  • Rehab and Repair Services
    • We can quote simple repairs, to full property rehabs.
    • We work regularly with Farmers, All-State, Great Lakes Insurance.
    • All repairs are made by our own staff. Cutting your rehab costs by 25% or more.