Meet The Team

Let me introduce myself, and more importantly, our Team.

I’m the Owner and President of Summit Consulting Services, William Kaupas. We help out of state investors, invest in the Metro Detroit market. My background and experience, has given me a level of knowledge, that I can safely say no one else in this field possesses. My career began with Home Depot, as a Marketing Manager for the Kitchen and Bath, Plumbing and Millworks departments. Essentially, Home Depot paid for me to fly to all of the major home improvement manufactures in the country. Thanks to this position, I was trained by the Manufactures, in the proper use, and installation of nearly all materials used in a rehab.

While at Home Depot, I began flipping homes “the old fashioned way” in Metro Detroit. Buying homes through a Realtor, repairing them, and re-listing them. I did well, but I began to notice how much money I was leaving on the table. This led me to obtain my appraisal license.

Appraising gave me an insight into this business that most people will never receive. My biggest accounts were Fannie Mae, and Ocwen Financial. I preformed both new mortgage appraisals, we well as foreclosure appraisals. This soon led to investors asking me to direct them to properties that were just coming on the market.

I quickly learned there was an entire world of investors, who were just in need of good honest information. Realtors weren’t giving it to them, because all they wanted was a commission! So my next step was to become a Realtor, and a Property Manager.

I never set out to manage properties. When we first started, we were purchasing homes for investors, fixing them up, and turning the homes over to an outside management company. But I discovered a very dirty secret. A property manager actually makes MORE money if a poor tenant is in a house, then a good one. This is what caused me to form the opinion, the owner and manager MUST be partners, or the process will not work.

That’s the core of our business philosophy. We treat every property we manage as though it were our own. If there’s a call at 1am, and we are unable to contact a repair person. We have the knowledge and skill to handle the issue ourselves.

Daniel Kaupas - Marketing Director and Real Estate Agent. He assists in locating properties, and has been a licensed Realtor for 2 years. He has a back ground in flipping residential homes, as well as in Vacation Rental (weekly) properties. Dan’s 29 years old, and realized at a young age he didn’t have to be a slave to the office to be successful. He spends the majority of his time in the field, and is constantly connected via smart phones and lap tops.

Kristina C. – She’s the anchor of our office. A University of Michigan Graduate, she has a back ground in finance, and mortgages. We were able to steal Kris away from Quicken Loans. She manages the day to day operations, handles ads, paperwork, scheduling etc. She’s the first contact point for tenants, and handles the diverse personalities with grace and confidence!

Michael Fazio – A Real Estate Broker for 20+ years, Mike and I have been working together from the start. He helps identify new properties. And perhaps more importantly, he runs our network of Retail Agents, whom find the land contract buyers and renters for our properties.

Dave B. – Our newest Repair Team Leader. He is a product of what hard work in our company can do! He started as a laborer on Mike M’s crew a few short years ago. He studied hard, and learned what it takes to have a crew of his own. A year ago, our company saw it fit to provide Dave with his own company van, and crew, and it’s been a great addition to our team! We believe strongly in promoting from within.

David H. – Repair Team Leader. 7 years in Residential Building, his crew of 9 guys can often turn a house for us in under 2 weeks. There’s not much Dave H. can’t do. Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Framing etc. We’ve actually built homes from scratch with Dave’s assistance.

Mike M. – Repair Team Leader. Mike has been in construction for 10 years. He’s a Michigan State University Graduate, and runs a crew of 6 people. Mike has a back ground doing intricate Kitchen and Bath Remodels, as well as general repairs. He’s a true artist, and handles all of our higher end investment properties.

Brian S. – Service Tech., we hired Brian away from a nationally recognized service company. He’s our HVAC and Electrical specialist. There’s not a mechanical system that Brian can’t diagnose for us.

CJ. – Maintenance Tech., CJ has been with us for over a year. A true jack of all trades. His original back ground was a kitchen/bath cabinet builder. His attention to detail is invaluable. His unique problem solving skills saves our owners thousands in repairs.

You’ll notice in all our conversations, postings etc, our philosophy is simple. We believe that we must be partners and friends with EVERYONE we choose to work with. Life is too short, not to enjoy the process. Our team members have been with us for years, and hopefully will be with us for years to come. This tight knit group is just another advantage we have over other competitors. We will NEVER use “craigslist” repair people etc. The workmanship with unqualified persons is inconsistent at best, and dangerous at worst. We never loose site of the fact that is both a major investment for our owners, as well as a home for our tenants. And needs to be treated as such to ensure success for all involved.